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Malta Circular: Autumn 2019

3 years ago

The Autumn 2019 Practical Exams will be held from 14 - 31 October 2019 at the University Residence, Lija.

The examiner for this session is Ms Anne Marshall.

Diplomas and prize winners Spring 2019:

LRSM: Jacob Portelli (Harp)

Karol Josef Zammit - Flute Grade 8
Julian E. Azzopardi – Clarinet Grade 7
Sophia Farrugia / Maria Scerri – Cello Grade 5
Jia Jin – Piano Grade 5
Joseph Micallef - Piano Grade 4
Nyle Spiteri – Piano Grade 3
Matthea Pace – Piano Grade 2
Raisa Vella – Violin Grade 2
Jake Bartolo – Piano Grade 1
Emmanuel Bonnici – Flügelhorn Grade 1
Maya Bugeja Lucas – Singing Grade 1
Daniel Scerri – Trumpet Grade 1

  • High Scorers' Concert on 11th November 2019

The High Scorers' Concert for the Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019 sessions will be held on:

Monday 11th November at 17.30hrs at the usual venue, the Sixth Form Assembly Hall of St Aloysius' College, Birkirkara.

Teachers of candidates who obtained Distinction in the Practical exams of these two sessions and who would like to play in the concert should send me the usual details (session, instrument, grade and title, composer and duration of piece) by not later than 30th October 2019. Later entries will not be accepted. It is important that you observe the maximum time allowed (Gr. 1-2: 1 min, Gr. 3-5: 2 min, Gr. 6-7: 3 min, Gr. 8 and diplomas: 4 min.) and submit all the details requested.

In accordance with the branding in our other international centres and in order to cover some of the costs for these concerts there is a small non-refundable token attendance fee of €5 for every participating performer which is payable when teachers register for the concert. Tickets will be sent to the teachers as confirmation of payment. No tickets are required for any family or guests attending.

Performers should appear smartly dressed. Examination results are no longer published in the newspaper but appear on the Board's website ( Teachers are expected to check and notify prizewinners amongst their students themselves. Prizes will be awarded after the concert only to prizewinners taking part in the concert. All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance and a badge.

  • Entries for Spring 2020

Please collect entry forms and syllabi from the Chalet of the University Residence in Lija during examination time. You can also find/download these from the Board’s website or send me a note and a self-addressed envelope so that I can mail them to you. When you download an entry form from the internet you only need to send 1 copy of pages 2 & 3. Dates and Fees are no longer being printed and can be found on the website only. Always quote your teacher’s number on application forms and in all correspondence (unless you are a new teacher).

Please read the instructions on filling the entry form carefully and send both top sheet and duplicate of your entry forms by mail, early enough and correctly filled and signed.
The payment system for next session will once again be via bank transfer. Please send the filled-in form without any payment - you will then receive a payment code by email, which is to be inserted in the box called “payment details” when effecting the transfer.

Please be sure to write the payment code FIRST in the box when effecting the transfer!!! This is very important as only a limited amount of characters goes through in the transfer and unless the payment code is written first it, often gets excluded, making it very complicated to trace your payments.

As an example you may write something like:

MTT30, MTP35 Maria Conrad

You do not need to write any other information.
Do not forget to include a photocopy of a Theory Grade 5 pass (or equivalent) for practical exams Grades 6 – 8. This must be presented together with the entry form, not later. Late entries will not be accepted. Please note that requests for specific (late) examination dates/times (except AM or PM) cannot be considered.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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