Take a minute to listen

In a world that is becoming increasingly visually loud, Minute of Listening helps pupils develop their creative listening skills.

This carefully curated collection of 60-second recordings introduces children to a range of music and sounds from Björk to Beethoven, folk music to field recordings. Accompanying resources help enrich all curriculum areas, and follow-up questions encourage children to discuss what they heard, thought and felt.

How it works:

  1. Log in to Minute of Listening, to introduce a culture of curious, engaged and reflective listening
  2. Explore over 200 minutes, searchable by collection, curriculum area and mood
  3. Listen actively, to support music lessons, topic work, or to help focus your class
  4. Reflect, discuss and get creative, with supporting resources and ideas for extension activities

Find out more: https://www.minuteoflistening.org/

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